Latest News from the Goat Project Uganda

8th December 2017

Today we opened new center for Goat Project in Lumpewe, Nakeseke district. Center no. 12. Awesome!
10 more women added to pool of beneficiaries.

10th September 2017

A new Goat Project centre opened Friday last in Ntungamo district. 12 precious women were empowered and resourced to better the quality of their lives. 12 ladies now have something in their names. They are some of the poorest anywhere but now, they have real possibility of overcoming poverty. It's all about love, hope, dignity, better life for those women and their families, especially their children. Blessings to all who donated to bring hope to those precious daughters of God. Thanks Victor Okenyi, Adrian John Cottrell. Nicole Gorton, Janelle Lynn Cox, Helen Gill, Kamwesigye Stempson, Kath Willis, Cathy KoshmanThis is now the 9th centre, the 5th opened this year alone. Two more centres and we'll hit the target of starting 7 new centres this year. All praise and glory to God.

7 AUGUST 2017

Center no. 8 opened today in Semuto, Nakaseke district. 10 more women empowered to improve their quality of life. It was emotional watching their happy faces and gratitude. Goal was to open 7 new centers this year. 4 so far opened. It is about lives, about people, about families. Thank you to all who made it happen

May 4th

We opened a new goat project center today. Kagando in Mbarara. More hope. More love.

March 29th 2017

Paska is a widow, working hard to raise her 6 children alone in Puranga - an area that was so badly hit by the Kony insurgency.
In 2014, the Goat Project gifted her with a she-goat. She duly abided by the project policies, returning one goat reproduced by her she-goat, which was given to another beneficiary. She kept looking after her she-goat well, and by December 2016, she had a total of 6 goats. Yesterday, I officially handed over full ownership of the goats to her. Her plan is to sell some of her goats and put the money towards completing the small brick house she is building for her family.

January 20th 2017

Rejoicing with the new beneficiaries in our new centre, Kyezimbire in Kikagati, Isingiro district.

January 12th 2017
Three years ago, Peninah received a she-goat from The Goat Project Uganda. She faithfully followed the project policies and grew her herd of goats to five. Today, I had the honor of handing over full ownership of the goats. This single mother of five who was abandoned by her husband years ago now has big plans for herself and her children. She intends to keep growing her herd of goats and also be selling some at intervals to raise school fees for her kids. Katukuru center. I released 3 other ladies as well who had grown their herds to five goats.